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About Us

Who we are & what we offer

We are a Homeopathic Centre in Singapore providing services for more than 25 years

We offer clinical consultations, homeopathic remedies and treatment

We treat all general health problems and long-term aliments

We treat with Homeopathic and Bach flower remedies that has no known side effects

All our remedies are natural, safe and effective for all ages

Our treatment is holistic and target the root cause of the problem to enable a complete cure

Our treatment is easy to follow and does not require any special diet restrictions

Homeopathic pills and tablets are chewable in nature and it is easy even for kids


Our doctors have vast knowledge and experience from both India and Singapore and have treated many patients successfully


DR MSG Kumaravelu, MD Hom

Dr MSG Kumaravelu holds doctor of medicine in homeopathy, MD Hom. from Hahnemann Homeo Institute and is a multi-specialist who is a member of Homeopathic System of Medicine, India and holds a practising license.  Dr Kumar brings with him a rich experience of 35 years of medical practice. He has been practising in Singapore for the past 25 years. His in depth knowledge and expertise in homoeopathy has helped him to treat many cases successfully. He treats general health conditions, skin problems, respiratory problems, male & female related health problems, child health and elderly care. Most of his patients come though referral from others who benefitted from his treatment. He is a simple, humble man who truly cares about his patient health and wellness.

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DR Usha Kumaravel, DH Hom

Dr Usha Kumaravel, holds DH Hom. in Homeopathy and is a general practitioner from India and holds a practising license. Dr Usha has 15 years of experience in medical practice in India and Singapore. Dr Usha has been practicing in Singapore for the past 8 years and has a soft and caring nature, which creates a comfort level for patients of all ages. She has successfully treated ailments such as women’s health related problems, child health and elderly care.


General Health



Bone Health

Immunity Booster


Gallstones/Kidney Stones

UTI/Urinary Incontinence 




Elderly Care



Prostate Enlargement 



Women Health




Premenstrual Syndrome

Uterine Fibroids 

Skin Aliments

Acne/ Pimples



All Skin Conditions 

Stomach Disorders 


Acid Reflux


Irritable Bowel

Child Health



Childhood Obesity

Child Immunity

Poor Weight Gain



Respiratory Aliments

Allergic Rhinitis 



Sexual Health

Female Sexual Health

Male Sexual Health

Erectile Dysfunction




What Our Happy Customers Say…

  • I was severely attacked and bedridden due to sleeplessness for 7days. Then I was admitted in Hospital. My health condition was still worse. After that my husband approached “Herbal care Homeopathy clinic” got medicines for “stress and sleeplessness”.Little my little my health improved. I continued the medicine for 6 months. After that I recovered from the illness. This clinic saved my life. Thank you Doctor.
  • I want to write a thank you and appreciation letter to Dr MSG Kumaravelu

    I know him for the past 10 years. He always encourages me whenever I was in depression and illness. He has greatly changed the way I view myself. I really appreciate him as he is a wonderful doctor. I was suffering from chronic sinus, allergy problems when I first visited him. He is very calm and showed patience in knowing about my health problems. Apart from choosing the correct remedies he has provided good morale support and advice. His supportive and encouraging words made me felt half of my illness has gone even before taking the medicines. In very short span of time I could see quick improvements and subsequently I had recovered from the prolonged illness. Overall my health has improved and I would just like to extend my appreciation for this positive outcome. I am much happier now that my depression and illness has been cured. It has affected my everyday life, and I feel so much better now. Apart from doing the consultation in the clinic, whenever I call his phone during late nights/holidays he never hesitated to provide advice and support. I am very much amazed to see his dedication of service, honesty, experience, patience and positive attitude. I can firmly say that he is the best doctor I have seen with all the best qualities.

    Once again, thank you so much for his time and expertise.

    Sadik Basha
  • My daughter had a sudden appearance of Vitiligo ( a skin condition) after our return from a beach holiday. The large patch of white skin on her face made it difficult for her to face the outside world. We consulted some of the best skin specialist in Singapore and elsewhere. All the conventional (Allopathic) doctors we went to told us there was no specific cure except UV treatments, which had a lot of side effects and no guarantee against reoccurrence of the condition. Desperate for a cure, we researched widely on the net and came across instances where homeopathy has come handy to the rescue. We approached Kumaravelu and he immediately gave us lot of confidence that Homeopathy could cure my daughter’s Vitilgo. This motivated her and gave all of us a lot of hope. We started seeing visible improvements as she started taking the medicines and in a period of 9-12 months the skin turned to normal state. Here it was a classic case where allopathy failed, Kumaravelu demonstrated that Homeopathy works thereby helping the patient. I would strongly recommend Dr Kumaravelu as an expert homeopathy doctor for any intractable diseases too!

    Natarajan Prakash
    [email protected]
  • It was god sent when I walked into his clinic on a friend’s recommendation. I’m so glad and thankful I found Dr.Kumar’s clinic. I have been long suffering from uterus problems and have tried various specialists. Within 3 months under his care I started seeing step-change improvements. I’m now a total convert to using homeopathy and his holistic approach to healing. I now go to him for everything – even when I catch common cold and flu. I just wish I had found him much earlier. Thank you Dr.Kumar for your service to the community.
    Nat Hill
  • I have been under their care for the past 3 years. My eczema is almost completely healed. The homeopathic medicine for regular illnesses is very good. I recommend them to anyone who wants to try homeopathic herbal medicine instead of GP medicines. He is a good doctor and his charges are reasonable.

    Sandy Shah
  • My 1 year old son was suffering from skin disease pathetically. Initially, there were a few small bubble kind of swelling in his hands and started spreading in the body appearing like rashes. We have been taken him to clinics, hospitals, including National skin centre etc. All doctors were suspected & declared that it’s a sign of eczema and cant be cured immediately or rather we have to treat him for 10 years atleast. Subsequently, we had started treatment, in fact it was a rigorous treatment to arrest virus spreading all over the body by applying body creams and concentrated chemical body washes. We have lost hopes entirely because it even aggravated the problem and kid couldn’t withstand the pain all the day. At last, I met Dr. Kumaravelu fortunately and decided to give a try on Homeopathy medicine. The moment doctor seen my boy, he immediately understood that it’s not the one everyone was assuming and treated him till that time was an entirely a wrong diagnosis. After taking homeo medicines for 2 days, we could see huge positive difference and improvements in his body and within a week almost his skin turned back to normal. We continued the medicine for 3 months. He is now 2.5 yrs old with no symptoms of such rashes. Thank God and the Doctor who provided an effective treatment.

    Ravi Kumar



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